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Senior Golang Engineer

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Job Description

What is Polygon?

Polygon is the leading blockchain development platform, offering scalable, affordable, secure and sustainable blockchains for Web3. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to major scaling solutions including L2 (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid, stand-alone and enterprise chains, and data availability. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with tens of thousands of decentralized applications hosted, 1.6B+ total transactions processed, 180M+ unique user addresses, and $7B+ in assets secured. Polygon is carbon neutral with the goal of leading the Web3 ecosystem in becoming carbon negative.

What does the zkEVM Team do?

Polygon zkEVM is the first zero-knowledge (ZK) scaling solution that’s fully compatible with Ethereum: all existing smart contracts, developer tools, and wallets work seamlessly. The zkEVM harnesses the power of ZK proofs to reduce transaction cost and massively increase throughput, all while inheriting the security of Ethereum L1.

Job Summary

We're looking for a Senior Golang Developer to join the Backend team of zkEVM and help develop the node that will be operating the EVM zkRollup. Your task scope will include implementing Merkletrees, Ethereum interfaces (read/write smart contracts), EVM logic, as well as more “traditional” backend features such as APIs, DBs, etc. In addition, you will collaborate with team members in making architectural decisions, choosing best practices, and bringing in new ideas. This is an exciting opportunity to take an active part in the blockchain space and contribute to the decentralization of the future.
Find the zkEVM documentation at:

Key Job Responsibilities

  • Design and implement quality backend architectures that connect with blockchain infrastructure.
  • Develop high-quality, performant, modern, clean and readable code within tight deadlines.
  • Take ownership of the development and maintenance of the project from ideation to deployment.
  • Work with the engineering, design, protocol and product teams collaboratively, contributing ideas that add value to our product roadmap and company goals.
  • Mentor junior golang developers on your team.
  • Preferred Qualifications

  • 7+ years of Software Development experience.
  • 2+ years of experience developing programs in Golang.
  • Good understanding of Ethereum and Solidity.
  • Basic knowledge of cryptographic primitives such as public/private keys, hash functions and Merkletrees (understanding how to use them, implementing them would be a plus).
  • Understanding of Ethereum and previous contribution to the blockchain space.
  • Experience working with git.
  • Polygon


    Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.

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    Job Description

    What are we all about?

    We are a team of world class builders and researchers with expertise across several domains: Ethereum Protocol Engineering, Layer-2, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Miner Extractable Value (MEV), Smart Contract Development, Security Auditing and Formal Verification.

    Working to solve some of the most challenging problems in the blockchain space, we frequently collaborate with renowned companies, such as Ethereum Foundation, StarkWare, Gnosis Chain, Aave, Flashbots, xDai, Open Zeppelin, Forta Protocol, Energy Web, POA Network and many more.

    We actively contribute to Ethereum core development, EIP's and network upgrades together with the Ethereum Foundation, and other client teams.

    Today, there are nearly 200 of us working remotely from over 45+ countries.

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    About the Role

    We are looking for a self-starter and growth-minded Staff Software Engineer to help develop Juno (StarkNet Golang Client). StarkNet is a permissionless decentralised ZK-Rollup operating over Ethereum enabling any dApp to achieve unlimited scale for its computation. You will be the core developer of the StarkNet ecosystem collaborating directly with StarkWare and other clients’ core developers impacting its architecture and infrastructure.You will be designing and implementing a StarkNet Client in Golang which will include the following:

    • Efficient storage and retrieval of StarkNet state
    • P2P layer and performant synchronisation mechanisms
    • Data access layers, such as JSON-RPC
    • Communication with Ethereum for state verification


    • 6+ years of Software Engineering experience
    • 2+ years of experience in Blockchain Protocol experience
    • Passion for inner workings of Blockchain systems
    • Strong programming ability and knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms
    • Robust design and architectural experience
    • Experience with Software Testing and release management

    Nice to Have

    • Extensive Golang experience
    • Distributed networks (P2P)
    • Performance and memory optimisations
    • Blockchain / EVM / TransactionPool / JSON RPC
    • Complex data structures for example; Patricia\Merkle/Verkle tries
    • NoSQL Key Values databases for example; RocksDB
    • Cryptography

    Perks and benefits:

    • Fully remote
    • Flexible working hours
    • Plus equity

    Join us!

    We are always on the lookout for talent!

    If what we do excites you, but none of the current open positions match your background, we encourage you to send us your CV at talent@nethermind.ioJoin our growing and active community of 2000+ developers on our Discord server:

    In the meantime, keep up to date on what we are working on by following us on our social channels: here to view our Privacy Policy.