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Senior Compiler Engineer

United States
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Job Description

What is Polygon?

Polygon is the leading blockchain development platform, offering scalable, affordable, secure and sustainable blockchains for Web3. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to major scaling solutions including L2 (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid, stand-alone and enterprise chains, and data availability. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with tens of thousands of decentralized applications hosted, 1.6B+ total transactions processed, 180M+ unique user addresses, and $7B+ in assets secured. Polygon is carbon neutral with the goal of leading the Web3 ecosystem in becoming carbon negative.

What does Polygon Miden Team do?

Polygon Miden aims to be the most innovative and easy-to-use zkRollup for Ethereum. We will enable use cases beyond what is currently possible with EVM-centric architectures, e.g. parallel transaction execution and account abstraction. At the heart of our rollup is the Miden Virtual Machine - a zk-optimized VM designed from the ground up. Currently, we focus on the rollup design, recursive verification, and developer experience.

About Role

We want to enable software developers to build on top of our Miden VM. Therefore, we need a Senior Compiler Engineer. The Senior Compiler Engineer is responsible for developing and optimising Miden proprietary compilers for code hardening and security. You can design and define compilers from scratch, getting feedback and support from experts in the field. You will get to participate in innovative projects and languages. We need you to use cutting-edge technologies that help make breakthrough blockchain technology usable.

Read about the Miden VM in

What you need to succeed?

  • Lead design and implementation of compilers from high-level languages to Miden assembly.
  • Provide feedback and inform design decisions of the Miden Virtual Machine.
  • Interface with the teams working on designing and implementing higher-level languages we target.
  • Mentor junior compiler engineers on your team.

  • It would be nice if you are:

  • Experience in Rust
  • Interested in zero knowledge proof-based blockchain systems and programming language design. 
  • Have some familiarity with writing smart contracts, especially using Solidity. 
  • Passionate about compiler technology and open-source software and eager to learn, come and join us.

  • Polygon


    Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.

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    Solana is a highly performant blockchain that enables growing decentralized applications and systems to scale without sacrificing security. Our team is highly specialized and talented, and we’re looking for people of the same caliber who are willing to jump in and use their expertise to help us find product-market fit as we build out the Solana ecosystem. If you’re looking to join a fast-paced, problem-solving environment in the center of blockchain infrastructure, cryptocurrency, and decentralized applications, then read on.



    • Leverage experience with compiler-development and domain-specific language development for deep-learning computational graph processing, whole-stack analysis, and optimization.
    • Develop natural language processing code specific to various languages
    • Develop compiler support for new processor architecture
    • Work with cross-functional teams within the company to identify and implement solutions to complex architectural problems
    • Engage with internal customers and deliver answers/updates/features to support their development
    • Stay connected with open source and research communities to follow up and lead the latest and upcoming trends and needs from them.
    • Participate in technical discussions and reviews both synchronously and asynchronously

    Minimum Qualifications

    • 5+ years of experience working with programming language and/or runtimes
    • Proficient with advanced C++ development
    • Experience with LLVM internals and preferably back-end specifics
    • Experience working with Clang, Swift, or other projects that use LLVM
    • Experience with *nix command line utilities, debugging, and version control systems 
    • Strong preference for focus or experience in classification, information retrieval, natural language processing, machine learning or related sub-fields
    • Hands off work attitude that requires minimal supervision and being proactive and self-motivated for timely delivery of quality code
    • Experience with comprehensive testing methodologies (unit test, integration tests etc)

    Preferred Qualifications

    • Experience designing programming languages or DSLs
    • Experience with JIT compilation and low-level instruction sets a plus
    • Experience with Rust
    • Publications in top tier Compilers or System Conferences such as PLDI, POPL, CGO
    • Experience collaborating on an open-source project