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Senior Backend Engineer - Wealth Management (Remote - Work from Anywhere)

Remote - Remote - Anywhere
Alarm Full Time

Job Description

Work from anywhere, impact everywhere 

Diversity is at the heart of who we are at Xapo Bank. We’re a fully distributed team of over 200 talented people that work remotely from 50+ countries around the world. 

We work hard, think globally, and inspire each other to learn and grow. We are committed to changing the way things are done.

To achieve that, we search the world for the best people for the job. This is how we are transforming the world of digital banking. 

Our team is worldwide, our capacity for innovation, limitless.


Join our remote team of dreamers and doers as we take Xapo Bank to the next level

Although we are headquartered in Gibraltar, this is a full time, 100% remote position. 

Work from anywhere!


Position overview

At Xapo we are building truly cross functional teams with full ownership of design, architecture, build, test, delivery and operations. You will collaborate closely with your fellow team members from the product, apps, design and QA communities of practice. 

We’re looking for a Senior Backend Engineer to join our Wealth Management engineering function. Our tech stack includes:

  • AWS for all of our Infrastructure
  • Docker
  • Python / Flask
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Redis

As a Senior Backend Engineer you will provide guidance and coaching around technical good practices as well as playing an active role in the Development Community of practice. 


  • Designing, developing and deploying backend services with a focus on high availability, fault tolerance, low latency and security. 
  • Your team will take  full end to end responsibility of the services your team owns, from development through to production operation
  • Collaboration with team members across multiple functional areas to ensure delivery of the best solutions for our customers.

Skills needed

  • Significant software engineering experience in one or more general purpose programming languages (we use Python)
  • Great teamwork and communication skills in English, comfortable preparing high quality documentation and designs to aid understanding and knowledge sharing. 
  • Understanding of microservice architectures, container based 12 factor apps and cloud native patterns around fault tolerance.
  • Practical experience applying Domain Driven Design and understanding the principles behind building software that is testable, observable, reliable, and sustainable to maintain.
  • Experience building contract first services and adopting patterns and frameworks to enable appropriate automated testing at unit, contract, service and end to end levels. 
  • Experience building services that can be deployed on demand, quickly and with quality. Excellent understanding of CI/CD patterns and good practice. 
  • Understands the role of high quality observability in building highly scalable and performant software
  • Experience working with a public or private cloud vendor 
  • Experience working in Finance / Investment is beneficial

Other requirements

  • A dedicated workspace 
  • A reliable internet connection with the fastest speed possible in your area
  • Devices and other essential equipment that meet minimal technical specifications
  • Alignment with Our Values.

Why work for Xapo?


  • Shape the Future: Improve lives through cutting-edge technology, work 100% remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Great work-life balance: Build amazing things with a balance of autonomy and collaborative teamwork. Set your own work schedule and make use of a flexible PTO plan when you need to recharge. 
  • Expect Excellence: Collaborate, learn, and grow with a high-performance team. Learn how you learn best - from books to conferences, you’ll get a yearly budget for your individual learning and development goals.
Xapo Bank

Xapo Bank

Xapo exists to protect your wealth from economic and political instability, no matter where you are. We've built a Bitcoin-friendly bank that provides you with limitless access to one of the world`s strongest currencies - the US dollar.

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Job Description

About Immunefi

Immunefi exists to protect the future of money. Immunefi is Web3's last line of defense and leading bug bounty platform, preventing catastrophic hacks before user funds are stolen. Our team is highly specialized, so we’re looking for talented people who are willing to jump right in and use their expertise to help us protect Web3. If you’re looking to join a fast paced, problem solving environment at the very core of decentralized finance, then read on.



If Immunefi is Web3’s last line of defense against catastrophic hacks, the Account Management team at Immunefi is the army on the front lines actively defending the border. 

As an Operations Manager on the Immunefi Account Management team, you will be a General to the army, someone who does not command troops but who plans their operations in the field. You will organize the operations for the team that is on the front lines helping to support, facilitate, and mediate anything our Projects and/or Whitehats need to get bugs reported and everyone paid for their very important work. Obsessive and dogmatic documentation of our work — such as team Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), training materials, tasks life cycle documentation, and post-mortem case studies — are a core value of Immunefi’s, so only those who have a love of relentless organization and status documentation should consider applying. You will not manage people in this role, but you will manage their operational processes and keep us organized, efficient, and on task. 

Please note that your role will be specific to the operations management of the Account Management team only, but that there is also a newly forming Operations division within Immunefi focused on Immunefi-internal operational processes. You will have the opportunity to cross-functionally collaborate with this new team, and will have the encouragement to effectively represent Account Management’s participation in it.

This is a fast-paced role requiring a love for protecting the Web3 community. You’ll do this by helping to keep Immunefi a reliable and trusted source of support for both Projects on the platform AND Whitehat hackers who submit bugs to them.


Role Responsibilities

  • Take ownership & responsibility for all of the Account Management team’s operations tasks and organize our daily work and workflows so that you and/or the AM Team Lead can assign out work easily and that the team is working as effectively and efficiently as possible
  • Analyze existing & develop future departmental work processes and procedures to improve all workflows relating to the Account Management department, with a strong emphasis on automation of as much of our operational workflows as possible
  • Prioritize the operational needs of the Account Management department, such that the department is always prioritizing the trust and reliability of Immunefi with every decision, process, or documentation step we take
  • Manage the proper documentation of our work, such that every SOP the Account Management team uses is clearly documented and can be searched quickly and effectively 
  • Own collaboration with cross-functional teams to ensure Account Management’s needs are met by other departments. If another department is responsible for achieving something that the Account Management team needs to be successful, you will ensure they are aware of the need, have what they need to complete it, and that it is done on time. You will manage those relationships. 
  • Manage the data tracking of SOP and Workflows to test their effectiveness and efficiency. If a process is not working, you should have the data to point to why it is not working and how you plan to manage improving it. 
  • Be a leader with regard to the quality of SOP organization at Immunefi. Be an inspiration to others on the Account Management team and company-wide on how to document the steps of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) such that anyone can follow the steps to complete the task.


Applicant Requirements

  • Experience working in an incredibly fast-paced environment. You must be able to make decisions quickly, smartly, and solve novel problems effectively 
  • Of utmost importance to us is the hiring of a candidate with a rigorous approach to organizational & operational process — someone who is able to structure their work and the work of others and organize multi-faceted and highly complex tasks effectively (Six Sigma or similar certification in a form of highly structured business / project process management would be ideal in the demonstration of this trait; however formal certification is not essential)
  • 5-10 years of experience in an operations-driven role, with a strong preference for experience managing operations in a highly technical field
  • Immunefi are heavy ClickUp users, so ClickUp University Expert Certification is essential to be considered for this role (we will consider applicants who do not currently have this formal certification, provided they are willing to commit to achieving it during the interview process)
  • Advanced user proficiency in Google Workspace and Slack applications is also essential to be considered for this role. Both our internal and external communications heavily rely on advanced functionality usage of Slack as well as Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms from Google Workplace
  • Advanced written & verbal English language communication skills are essential for this role. If being considered for a role, Immunefi will send a take-home assignment to test your written English proficiency
  • Ability to prioritize between many competing tasks to identify those that will best drive the outcomes that are in line with the department's established goals
  • Confident and concise communicator with the ability to influence across all levels and departments, including to the Executive level. Ability to proactively share information so that the right people are aligned and informed.
  • Ideal applicants would have some experience having technical conversations in one or more of the following areas: cryptocurrencies, DeFi, smart contracts, blockchain (This is preferred but technical proficiency in other areas may also be considered)
  • Strong presentation, emotional intelligence, human relations and organization skills are ideal traits
  • Being a fully remote company, we are willing to consider applicants in any area however due to the needs of our Account Management team, we require someone taking this role to have a work schedule aligned to Central / Western European Timezones
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • An ability to work under pressure and to deadlines
  • An ability to work independently on a global, remote team


Working at Immunefi

Immunefi is the foremost Bug Bounty Marketplace in the crypto / Web3 space providing a platform to facilitate the protection of $bn of user funds. We aim for excellence in all we do and want to build a world class team of highly skilled professionals who can help us to scale & develop our company. If you are successful in joining the team, you will be working in a highly collaborative, cross-functional environment where ideas, input & communication are prized. By necessity, the work pace here is rapid and we need people who are able to rapidly immerse themselves. As a fully remote and geographically dispersed team, we require everyone to be capable of autonomous & self-driven work in addition to being able to manage communication across global timezones.


Core Values

Radical Candor - we seek out & give open feedback, both up & down across the entire organization

Be Worthy of Trust - we can’t do our job without the trust of our clients. We want everyone here to be deserving of that trust and to be able to unequivocally trust the rest of the team

Take Responsibility & Own It - responsible people thrive on independence and are worthy of freedom - be accountable, grow from your mistakes

Exercise Good Judgment - independent, good judgment means thinking for yourself and keeping the interests of the mission at heart

Writing is Greater Than Talking - By focusing on writing, we let our ideas take center stage. Writing allows for unemotional clarity about what we are doing, why we are doing it, and also what we are not doing


What We Offer

  • 100% remote-first work environment, flexible schedule
  • Autonomous work environment with trusting, smart, reliable team members 
  • An opportunity to be building an early-stage company in a dynamically evolving market and industry
  • An opportunity to build your own path in the company as we continue to evolve and grow
  • A global market (it’s fun to meet people from all over the world every day!)
  • A chance to make impact and participate in building and securing the ecosystem for smart contracts and the future of money (we’re protecting over $100B in user funds)